The Oz Defies The Odds

The Oz Defies The Odds

In his last year as the Baltimore Ravens General Manager, Ozzie Newsome is going out with a big bang, putting the finishing touch on his already prolific career. Newsome’s crucial move was selecting stellar quarterback Lamar Jackson as the 32nd pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. What a relief to know that this kid will be getting the opportunity to prove to all the football analyst and media that they were wrong. Over the past few months football analyst and the sports media had the audacity to suggest that the talented quarterback should change his position to wide receiver. Ozzie new differently that Lamar Jackson had what it takes to be a great quarterback in the NFL. This is the same guy that drafted Ray Lewis, Jonathan Ogden, Ed Reeves and a host of others Pro Bowl and Hall of Fame players.

       What Did the Coaches and Owners Miss?

  • ozzieFormer Heisman Trophy Winner
  • Great Team Leader
  • Can make all the throws from the pocket
  • Strong Passing Arm
  • Dual threat can run and pass
  • Speed
  • Physical Capability
  • Turn a broken play into a first down
  • Turn a broken play into a touchdown
  • Can escape pressure from the blitz
  • A will to learn
  • A love for the game
  • No off the field issues

Mr. Ozzie Newsome, hats off to you for doing the right thing when all others refused to step up and do the right thing.

By Worrell C.Troup

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