The New Minority

A few years ago I wrote an article about the National Football League “Sexy Play”. This was a story about the NFL using language to promote homosexuality into the NFL. I spoke about how the league was moving in small increments to promote the homosexual agenda into the NFL. Read the article NFL Sexy Play, you will see that I was right in my observation. You see, when you watch television look for the subliminal messages that are being said or viewed. While you men were sleeping here is some of the language that has been subliminally used to promote the Gay Agenda.
• Diva
• Sexy Play
• Man Crush
• Monday Man Crush
You Men have slept so long or been afraid to stand up for truth out of fear of being labeled as a homophobe. The Homosexual community has finally found the poster child to represent them in the National Football League; something that they have been seeking since the early 1970’s. In the early 1970’s the Washington Red Skins had a receiver who was gay. However, I will not mention his name because during his playing career he chose to keep his sexual preference private. However, Michael Sam is the new homosexual poster child that the league was looking for to promote their homosexual agenda. The NFL’s draft coverage of two men kissing on national television was inappropriate. No one thought about the impact that this would have on the children that were watching the NFL Draft. Wow, it’s really screwed up; just a few years ago everyone was in an up roar when Janette Jackson exposed her breast during the Super Bowl Football Half Time Show. As I recall, the network wanted to fine her and made her do a public apology. However, on the other hand two men kissing one another on national TV receive praises around the world. Where are the religious leaders? Where are you Joel Olsteen, T D Jakes, Creflo Dollar, John Hagee, Billy Graham etc. Kurt Warner, you speak about being a devout Christian. You once said that Tim Tebow should tone it down with the praising of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. However, you have not been out spoken about the Michael Sam Homosexual kiss on national TV. Yeah, I know just as I figured it’s all about the money. You guys speak with TWO TONGUES.
Men, it is time for you to BE A MAN and stand up for your children innocents. You have to guard their mind, eyes, ears and touch. You know, it only takes a crack in the structure to create curiosity. Too many times at a young age we have seen children expose to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sex and violence which has ruined their lives. My Great Grand Mother always said curiosity killed the cat. So Moms and Dads through your relationship you are the role model in their young lives. No one can do it better than you. I want to thank my Mother for telling me the truth about Man and Woman. I can remember when I was in the fourth grade I was walking home from Coconut Grove Art Festival and there were two men walking together holding hands. All of a sudden they stopped and started rubbing on each other’s back and then they kissed in front of me, I was stunned and confused. I knew that this was not right because immediately my stomach became nervous. I rushed home to tell my mother what I had just seen. She calmed me down and told me that what I saw was wrong. She said that God made Man and Woman for each other. She went on to discuss the male and female reproduction system in how they differ and how they work together in the reproduction of life. As I look back on that pivotal moment in my life I am thankful for her honesty and not making excuses for this life style.
I am quite sure that I will receive a lot of negative comments. However, that’s not my concern. I knew that I could no longer sit back and say nothing about what’s taking place, especially when our children’s minds are subliminally being attacked through cartoons, music, videos and television. You see the final straw was two days ago. While sitting with some young children at a table talking with them. Out of the blue one of the boys decided to grab the other boy’s face with both hands on each jaw and pull the boy towards his lips to kiss. However, with my attentiveness I was able to stop it before it took place. I immediately told the parent what happened. The parent of the aggressor thanked me and spoke to his son about that type of behavior.
Men it is time for you to BE A MAN. Don’t let society force a life style on your children that is not right. Plenty of you Men will come under fire for your heterosexual belief. Don’t fold, together we stand and divided we fall and if you fall sometimes you can’t get up. To my Black Brothers our MANHOOD is under attack from Hollywood. The new subliminal message is Gay is The New Black. You Brothers should not be silent with this labeling. It’s time to boycott these programs that tries to manipulate our Manhood. Remember we the viewers have the power. Let’s make Father’s Day BE A MAN DAY and do the things that fathers do with their families. IF WE MEN DO NOT STAND UP WE WILL BE THE MINORITY. So let’s turn the New Minority back to the Majority.

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