The Bike Ride That I Will Never Forget


The 2:00 school bell rings for dismissal. The Coconut Grove crew meets on Lejeune Road to begin the 2 1/2 mile walk home in the hot, scorching Miami sun. This was a part of the day that no one enjoyed. However, there were so many of us walking home and clowning around that it made the walk much more enjoyable.

Seon really made the walk entertaining. He always did something funny, silly or dangerous.

Well, today was Seons dangerous day. Seon parents purchased him a bike so he could ride to and from school. By Seon being the only person with a bike,  he was often asked for a ride. Eventually, Seon grew tired of us asking him for a ride. There was only room for one. The only way an additional person could ride on the bike would be by sitting on the handle bars.  He didn’t like peddling while someone just chilled.

Only Seon could come up with a scheme that would create a role reversal. Remember, earlier I said that Seon could be dangerous. He will never have this problem again.

Seon decides that whoever asked him for a ride he would do so, but little did I know there was a risk involved.

When I got on Seon’s handle bars he would cruise for a while talking, laughing and joking around. Yet, he would slowly increase his speed. Once he was about three hundred feet from US1 HWY he would start peddling very fast reaching speeds of 20 to 30 mph. By this time we were approaching a six lane highway and Seon was laughing while I was yelling, “Stop let me off!” He continued peddling faster regardless to what threats I made. I realized that this fool was not going to stop.  I had to make a quick decision, should I jump off with the chance of hitting the road or should I stay on the bike and pray to God that I make it to the other side without being  run over by cars that were traveling 55mph?

Cars blew their horns and slammed on their breaks, but Seon continued to ride fast without stopping. Thankfully, the drivers avoided hitting us. I thank God, I made it through the “Ride of Death” with Seon.

After, shaking uncontrollably, I could now laugh about it. But from here on out, I knew that I couldn’t ever ask Seon for a ride again, unless he was the one on the handle bars.

Seon’s logic was if anyone was going to be getting a free ride it would be him. He now  reaped the benefits of owning his bike.  Let me inform you that this thrill ride became routine for those that were not aware of Seon’s Death Ride.

I guess we could have stopped it. However, we felt that since he scared the hell out of us that we would not let them know what they were getting themself into. Fortunately, no one ever got hit by a vehicle. However, some riders received scratches and bruises from junping off the bike while Seon was ridding at a fast speed. 

The next time you get a bike ride from someone make sure that it’s not Seon.

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