As an 11th grader, Seon took a trip to Bush Gardens, Fl  as a member of  Men of  Tomorrow, for 11th grade African American students to groom them to become responsible adults and leaders in the professional world and the community. With a group of approx 30 young men. Seon decicded upon entering the theme park  that he would first become a kid from Africa, not Miami, Fl.  He not only changed his dialect, but he spoke very loud so everyone could hear him.  I mean even making noises OOGA BOOGA, OOGABOOGA!! He also changed his appearence. He went into the park gift shop, stole a pair of hoop earings, then stuck one of them in his nose to appear like a native african.

As we walked around the park, Seon intentially called animals by their wrong species in a loud african voice. For example; he saw flamingos and would yell out “BIG PINK  CHICKENS” in his african voice!!!  He especially made himself  noticeable to white families in the park, whose kids would just stare in amazement at the african kid!  Then Seon got even crazier, he started running after the animals in the park as if he was in an african safari.  You could hear him say”KEE KEE KEE!

Seon’s final major act in the park was to climb out of the sky rail, yes, the cars you ride high above that gives you a scenic view of the entire theme park.  As the sky ride reached its peak, Seon climbed out of the sky car , down to the bottom of the car and just started to scream as loud as he could, as frightened people looked from down below.  They didn’t know if it was an accident, suicide attempt, or what!!  Well, Seon attempted to cimb back into the car, but was getting too weak, so he screamed for us to reach over and pull him back in.  We were happy to save him, but we also knew that it wouldn’t be long before Seon has another ADVENTURE.

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