What’s happening in the NFL? Michael Irvin poses for a Gay Magazine. Football analyst are saying that’s a sexy play. Jaime Dukes an analyst for NFL Net Work responds, when did football become sexy; he was not in support of this statement and nor was I. I have noticed the landscape taking incremental steps in trying to promote homosexuality in sports.

About twelve years ago my son and I were watching a Sunday football game. There was a commercial break. The commercial started out with a woman walking in high heel shoes and a short skirt into the restroom. However, when she entered the restroom she walked up to the men urinal  stall, lifted up her skirt, pulled out his penis and urinated. Of course he had his back facing the camera. I was shocked and I had to explain to my 8 year old son that the lady that you saw was a man dressed like a woman. It has gotten to the point that parents have to monitor the commercial that are being aired during family time. Just when I thought that I could escape the views of others and enjoy the sport that I grew up playing and watching, I am seeing a different  agenda creeping in.

Janet Jackson’s Breast Sexy, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Sexy, Women Lingerie Football Sexy. Football plays being called sexy does not belong in men sports. Sport Commentators and Analysts be professional in your word selection don’t try to ease your life style on the viewing fans.

By the way, when did Professional Football Receivers become Diva’s ?

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