Interview with NFL Cornerback Patrick Robinson

Interview With Patrick Robinson Formal New Orleans Saint Now a San Diego Chargers

Patrick what year were you born?

I was born September 7, 1987.

Where were you born?

I was born in Miami Florida in the town of South Miami to be exact.

Who are your parents?

My parents are Edward Robinson and Patty Robinson.

Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I have two younger sisters

What was it like growing up  in South Miami?

It was kind of rough at first. My mom, she pulled us through.

How old were you when you started playing organized football?

I believe that I was eight years old when I first started playing organize football for South Miami Grey Ghost.

What high school did you attend?

I attended South Miami Sr High School.

What was the reason for leaving South Miami High school football program and transferring  to Gulliver Private school?

I left South Miami Sr High School because I thought that I would not get to where I wanted to be in life if I stayed. I thought that if I got away from that environment that I would be able to focus more on my academics.

When I transferred to Gulliver it was a very different environment. These kids are more on the privilege side.

How did you fit in with your new team mates ?

To be honest, I did make some friends and I thought that I fitted in pretty well with the guys that I hung out with. I became one of the guys after a while and that was pretty cool.

What was the transition like leaving some of your childhood friends and teammates and playing football at a different school?

It wasn’t a hard transition for me because, I would still see them everyday in the neighborhood.

What was it that made you an elite high school football athlete?

A lot of hard work and a lot of focus. When I was in the 10th grade I started going to the University of Miami to run laps around the track field and I would also run sprints. This was something that I did alone at night time. That’s when I knew that I wanted to be more than just a high school student and a football player.

Who were some of the colleges that showed an interest in you?

Everyone to be honest, but I had my mind set that I wanted to play football in Florida. So I pretty much stopped communicating with the other schools except for Florida, Florida State and Miami.

Did you visit any of these schools?

Yes, I visited University of Florida and Florida State University.

What was it like visiting Florida?

University of Florida  was a good fun visit. But when I visited Florida State I felt more at home.

So UM was too close to home?

No, they didn’t offer me a scholarship. So they were not in my selection process in the end.

What was the reason for choosing Florida State University over the other schools of interest?

Well, when I was growing up I was a huge Florida State fan. However, my choice between Florida State and Florida it was very close. I remember going on a television show and actually saying that I was committing to Florida. I even put a Florida cap on my head. But when signing day came I felt that I should go with FSU. This was the team that I watched growing up   as a kid and I felt that this made a huge difference. So I became a Seminole.

So was there any particular FSU player that you identified with.

I identified with a lot of players. I was a huge fan of Peter Ward, Derrick Brooks, Dion Sander of course, Charlie Ward, Antonio Cromartie and  Warrick Dunn. The list can go on.

What was it like playing for FSU?

It was a pretty fun environment and my Defense of Coordinator Mickey Andrews was a very hard Coach but he really cared. He made me a better person as a man and as a football player. He’s a great coach and I can say that without thinking twice.

Where you there when Coach Bobby Bowden was Head Coach.

Yes, I was there.

What type of coach was he?

He really didn’t coach that much. Bobby was like the over seer of the program. He still was a great coach and person. That was a great experience being under  his regime. 

What was it like playing against your state rival The U?fsu_robinson2009_01

It was an exciting experience. I am not sure of what our records were however those game usually decided who would be playing for the National Championship. As I said before, very exciting and they usually went down to the wire.

What was your most memorable time attending FSU?

As far as playing football, when we beat Miami. Those were great games.

How many times did you play against Miami since you were playing football for FSU.

I played against Miami 3 times and out of the four years that I played we won 2 out of 4 games. It’s a great rivalry that we get pumped up for.

How many interceptions did you have at FSU?

I think that I had about 7  interceptions. I had 6 in my sophomore year and I had 1 in my junior year. During my senior year I didn’t have any interceptions. I kind of made a name for myself as a lock down corner. So most of the time they stayed away from passing to my side of the field.

Piggy backing on interceptions, who currently holds the interception record for FSU?

Terrell Buckley has about 21 interceptions. He was one who took a lot of chances.

You were a first round draft choice for the New Orleans Saints, did you go to New York to attend the draft or did you celebrate at home with your family?

No, I stayed at home and I remember watching the draft from 1 all the way to 31. I said, oh my God, I can’t believe that I didn’t get picked yet. But then I got that call and my agent handed me the phone. It was Coach Sean Payton. He said are you ready to become a Saint. I said yes and then he asked me some additional questions. As I continued to watch the TV, I saw Drew come out on stage and said with the 32nd pick of 2010 draft the New Orleans Saints selects Patrick Robinson Corner Back  from Florida State.

I was like, man, I made it.

How did your family react?

Listen, everybody was excited and then out of no where some one came around the corner with some speakers and set up a block party instantly. With in about 5 minutes the street out in front of my house was crowded with a lot of people from the neighborhood. That was pretty exciting.

So you have a lot of fans in South Miami.

Yes, I think so.

I am one of your fans too. I can recall seeing you play Wide Receiver for the first time with South Miami Grey Ghost Football Team and your team won the game. I approached you after the game and said to you that you had a lot of talent and to stick with it. That was about 13 years a go. Now look at you, you have blossom into a professional football player. Awesome.

How has becoming a professional football player changed your life?

Obviously, it changed financially, it has definitely helped me. You know you have to be a pro, you have to be a grown up. You can’t be a kid. You are not in the college world, you are not going to get pampered by coaches. It’s a business also and you have to learn on the go. You have to be on time and be accountable. It definitely help me off the field as well.

So have you gotten into any trouble off the field

No I have not.

That’s great because you have a lot of nieces, nephews and fans looking up to you.

That’s right I have a huge family.

Did you do anything special for your parents?

Yes, I purchased a beautiful home for my mother and bought her a brand new car.

What was it like playing on Monday Night Football?

Playing with the Saints we definitely had a lot of Monday night games and Sunday night games. We call those games Prime Time. After a while it became pretty normal to us. But it was very exciting playing inside the dome being closed in. The fans in New Orleans are some of the best fans in the league. There are like a close knit city. They really root for their football team. Those fans are really die hard fans.

What was it like to get your first interception and to rerun it for a touch down?

My first interception touchdown was against the Eagles. It was against Michael Vick. It was pretty nice. I saw the ball from the time it left his hand.I think that he was  trying to throw the ball to the tight end and it kind of slipped off of his hand and dropped right into my hands. I just took off with it and scored a touch down. We won that game.

Playing with the Saint, how many interceptions do you have?

I have 9 interceptions. I dropped a lot of interceptions. I could have had 10 to 15 additional interceptions.

So are you comfortable now.

Yes, I am pretty much comfortable playing the game.

How many years have you played with the Saints?

I have played 5 years with the Saints.

Wow, the time has gone by pretty fast. Man you are old, you are almost 30 years old.

I am 27. {He laughs}

When did you know that you could compete on this elite level?

I always thought that I could compete on this level. It was more about having that consistent belief in myself.

I understand that you will be playing your 2015/16 season with San Diego Chargers. What are your goals for this season?

My goal is to be consistent that’s my main goal. I believe over the last five years playing for the Saints. I showed that I could be a great corner. Then there were times that I was not as hungry as I should have been. I should have been more focused and I think this past year that I was not as consistent as I should have been. My main goal is to be extremely consistent, extremely focus throughout the entire year even in practice.

That means 100%.

Yes 100%.

You have married Chelsey Toomer your high school sweet heart, how many children do you all have together?220px-Patrick_Robinson_(cornerback)

We have 4 children together, 1 boy and 3 girls. My son is the oldest. We just recently had our third daughter.

So you are enjoying fatherhood.

For the most part yeah {he laughs}

It is a blessing .

Yes it is.

What do you do for the holidays?

For the holidays Chelsey and I get the family together, we have cookouts or  family dinners. We have fun together as a family. So every holiday we try to get together as a family and have a good time.

How has being a husband and father affect your life as being a professional athlete? 

Well, you know when you have kids you have to grow up. As you get older you start to realize things. You start to see life differently than when you were younger and it comes with experience. Just being married with kids, my life is totally different when I was 18 or 19. I have to be a great father to my kids so that my kids can grow up to be great. But I do have a lot of help with Chelsey, she definite helps me out. That’s the great thing that we have together. We have a great connection,  we help each other out.

Behind every great man is a great women and you have a great women.

Yes, I truly do have a great women and a wife.

What injury did you have while playing for the Saints?

I tore my patella tendon.

How did that occur?

That was 2013 and that came from in my opinion  just a lot of football, a lot of grinding and pounding on my knees. It was game 2 against Tampa and it just gave out. My knee cap separated from my bone. It was extremely painful. During that season when I was out I had a lot of time to think about me as a person, me as a player and I think that made me a better person.

It was more like a wake up call.

Yes, definitely   

What advice could you give to those high school athletes that are dreaming of becoming a professional athlete?

The advice that I would give is to stay in your books and stay out of trouble. I would also say don’t put your self in situations that could get you into trouble. Sometimes you are going to have to sacrifice time away from your friends, home boys and home girls in order to take that next step in being a better athlete and student. Just stay in the books, you only get out what you put in. So if you work hard, it’s going show in your performance.

Patrick, Sports Elite thanks you for sharing your football journey with us. May God continue to Bless you with good health and great success as a San Diego Chargers football player.

Worrell C. Troup

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