Hello Pat, upon our last interview you were becoming a SanDiego Chargers and the following year your were traded to the Indianapolis  Colts. What were your thoughts at the end of two seasons resulting in you being traded?dixon-206923-f-wp-content-uploads-2017-10-850114_90fd196eade47f6-e1508286459148-1200x801

When I was in SanDiego, I signed a 1 year deal. The deal was pretty much to prove myself and I did that. The following year, I ended up signing a 3 year deal with Indianapolis Colts. Which I was pretty much injured and I could not get on track. I was released 1 year after playing for the Colts. That was like a serious learning experience. You know, I got through it. It’s a part of the business. Then I was looking for teams that I would fit and I was trying to find an organization that I would feel comfortable with. I called my old team mate Malcolm Jenkins. I played with him when I played for the New Orleans Saints. I knew that the locker room that he was in was going to be filled with great character, selfless guys you know, I took a chance and signed a 1 year deal, which was a veteran’s minimum. It worked out great for me.    

Your 2017 season, you were traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. What was different about you from your previous seasons?

You know what, as I said earlier, being there with Malcolm, I assumed it was going to be a really good locker room and I was right. Everyone welcomed me. They were good guys and they like to have fun. Also, a lot of young guys, so that made it even more fun. It started off pretty good in the spring camp and then it got really rough. You know, I stayed with it. I stayed positive. That was a learning experience for me to stay positive and keep on working. You know, but just trying to believe that everything was going to work out. I got through camp and everything started to get better. Then the season started and one of our starting corners got injured. That put me back in the starting spot. So I ended up playing well. I Played inside slot corner and out side corner. So I was  playing both positions and everything worked out well. You know, that team just made it a lot easier for me to play. They kept everything simple, do your job, work hard and come to work on time. Do the simple things and that made it a lot easier. Obviously, I was very successful in playing through out the season. 

What were your thoughts when first team quarterback Carson Wentz went down with a season ending injury?

When it first happened, we did not know that he was injured because Carson went back out for about 2 or 3 more plays. After the game, that’s when I found out that he had been injured. I started thinking to myself and said wow, Wentz got hurt at the wrong time; this is a terrible time to get injured. I think that it was the 13th or 14th game of the season and that was a terrible time for our starting quarterback to be injured. Then, I set back and thought about it. I said, as a team we always preach next man up.

Who gave the team the confidence that  you guys could continue to win games and make it to the Super Bowl.

I would say that we all had confidence. We really didn’t need anyone to tell us how to play. Malcolm Jenkins has been a great leader, he played his role. However, we didn’t get down on our selfs when Carson fell to injury. We continued to do our job and continued to do the same things that made us successful during the season. We didn’t change anything.

The playoff game interception in which you scored a touchdown. What coverage were you in and what did you see that allowed you to make the game changing interception and score. patrick robinson

We were in Cover 4. I was the slot corner back and my assignment was quarter flex. If a guy goes to the flat then I would match him to the flat. But the number 2 receiver actually came up the field maybe 10 yards and tried to bump me to get to the 7 route to the outside and I already knew what he was trying to do. So, I just did my job you know, simple as that and just slipped under him. What happened, one of our D Linemen ended up getting a good hand on the ball and it came out like a lame duck. But if the quarterback was able to make the through clean, I was still there waiting on it. So when it came, it was just floating in the air waiting for me to catch it. I caught it, ran up the side line and I saw all that traffic and all those big linemen in the way, so I was thinking, let’s just cut it back across the field and I saw all this green and I kept going. My teammate Ron Darby, he came in and sacrificed his body to get the block for me to go in and score the touch down. Man, when I scored that touch down the whole stadium got so loud that it was so amazing. That was one of the best plays that I have ever made.

I saw you giving directions during your run for the touchdown.

I was definitely taken back to high school and little league directing everybody; you block him and you block him. That was a really big moment in my career.

That put you on the map for sure.

I believe so!

In the final play in the Super Bowl drive, Quarterback Tom Brady threw a Hail Mary into the end zone. What were your thoughts when you saw the football coming your way and how did you respond?

As I keep saying, I was just doing my job; going down there to box out my guy. The ball was just floating in the air for a long time. It was like, it was turning in slow motion. So, I was just watching the ball and four of our players jumped up and someone tipped it and the ball came down to me really fast. I tried to catch it, but it ended up hitting off of my arm and falling to the ground.The moment kind of paused for a minute. Then I looked up at the score board and at the clock and it read 00: 00. I was stunned a little bit and I was thinking and then it clicked, Oh, we are Super Bowl Champions! I was very happy. I was just running around; just happy man. That was just a great experience.


After a stellar 2017 season and capping off as the 2018 Super Bowl Champs. Do you feel that you have obtained the recognition as an Elite Cornerback?FullSizeRender (3)

I think so, but I still want to prove that I can still perform as an Elite cornerback. I would like to make at least seven more years as playing on an Elite level. My mind set is to keep building on that success and that’s pretty much my goal.

Tell me, have your speed dropped off any. It seems like you have great recovery speed?

NO, NO, NO, I am not going to let that be said. I am still as fast as I’ve ever been, still as strong and still as quick. I have always been the most top 2 athletic DB’s on any team that I have played with but the main thing with me was my mental mind set. That’s what kind of kept me back from being great and showing them what I am able to do. This past year, I was very successful in blocking out a lot of negative thoughts and getting down on myself for anything. I really just focused on keeping positive and doing what I had to do to be successful.

I also noticed that this year you played more aggressive. You were coming up making tackles. That was very impressive.

When you have a lot of guys around you that are such great guys that have great character and plays hard it causes you to play aggressive. Man, when you see those guys doing there job you want to do the same thing. We all had the same mind set. We were a close knit team and it showed.

What is your favorite DB coverage and why?

My favorite DB coverage would be cover 3. But there are so many different versions of Cover 3. I would say Cover 3 because there are many versions, like a tight 3 Man or a straight out zone.You can tweak it when certain players are doing certain assignments. That would be my favorite.

What is one coverage that makes a DB Elite?

Man coverage.

What is a requirement to be a good man coverer?

Well, you definitely have to have all the intangibles, good speed and good quickness. But to be great at man covererage you must have great technique and you have to watch film. Now a days the rules are really catered  towards the offense and receivers. There are a lot of things that you can’t do know that you could do fifteen years ago. That makes it a lot harder on defensive players. In saying all of that, you have to be smart and you have to know your opponents.

How many interceptions did you have this season?

Including the play offs 5. I dropped 4 interceptions against the Arizona Cardinals.patrick robinson 2

What type of friendship did you and Malcolm Jenkins share, being that you were teammates in New Orleans and Philly?

I would say, more than anything we have a lot of respect for each other. He has a lot of respect for me and I most definitely have respect for him as a person on and off the field. Malcolm is a great leader on the field but off the field he does so much in the community. He does so much for Black people in general.  He  went to D.C to speak to leaders about police reform in the black communities. He also could be seen in the community speaking to the police officers about reform. Through his foundation during the holidays, we went out with him to give Christmas toys to the community youth. He is truly a good role model for the community. You know since being in the league and through out my travels,I’ve seen a lot of disparity in different communities and man I will tell you it’s rough. So the role that Malcolm is playing in his community I have the greatest respect for him. Malcolm is out there fighting for us as a culture and as a race.

What Super Bowl gift did you give your wife Chelsey and how did you surprise her with her new gift?

I got her a car.

What type of car?

I got her a 2018 Mercedes Benz S 550 Coupe convertible Limited Edition. I forgot the name of the other vehicle that I was trying to get for her. But It was the G Wagon. They didn’t have the one that I liked. So I just kept waiting until I saw the one that I liked. Then when I walked in the dealership for the fourth time. I kept looking at the Mercedes Benz Coup and I said, I am just going to get that one. Something nice, not too big, which she can’t have a whole lot of people in. She and maybe one more  person, assuming it would be me(he laughs). Yeah, I decided to get that one and that night we were all celebrating the Super Bowl win with the South Miami community. I was pulling around the corner with the car and my friend Kelsey got on the mic and announced that Chelsey Robinson you have a brand new 2018 Mercedes Benz S 550 Coupe convertible Limited Edition.

So he built up the surprise.

Yes, I pulled up and she was surprised. My wife Chelsey, was speechless and very excited. She was just smiling and cheesing from ear to ear.I gave her a big hug and a kiss.

You are well received in the South Miami Community. How does that makes you feel?

Well, that makes me feel good. But at the same time , I am still the same person that I have always been. I have grown for the better but my personality is the same. I am a low key, laidback guy. I don’t say much. I am still the same guy I have always been. But I have grown as far as in maturity. 

Pat, how many more years would you like to play football and how would you like to conclude your football career?

Well, I am not going to put a certain number on it. However, I do want to win two more Super Bowls. You know, that feeling gets addictive. So I know exactly what I have to do to be successful and  to help the team win. So I am very eager for this season. Because we have a great team, with a lot of young talent and I think that’s why the Saints brought me in because I am a veteran. I’ve been through a lot, I’ve seen a lot and I am coming off a Super Bowl win. I know what it takes to be a Super Bowl Champ.

It has been a pleasure following your football career. Also in seeing you develop into an Elite player, a Great Family Man  and a Positive Role Model for the South Miami Community. May God continue to Bless you and your Family. I wish you  continual  success on and off the field. Pat, thanks for sharing your football journey.

Worrell C. Troup

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