Seon was one of our childhood friends that kept us laughing and also kept us alert. Before I go any further speaking about Seon, I must tell you that he was an A student and an outstanding athlete. There was never a dull moment when Seon was around. Teachers loved him because he brought a clean since of humor to class not only was he humorous but he made straight A’s on every exam.

My first encounter with Seon was in the 7th grade at George Washington Carver Junior High School. It was the first week of school and we were in first period music receiving our musical instruments from band teacher Mr. Bloomfield. Seon and I chose a trumpet as our  playing instrument. To make a long story short. Friday morning Seon  brings a bag of jelly doughnuts to class. During this time of band rehearsal Seon was eating jelly doughnuts and playing his trumpet at the same time. Mr. Bloomfield says to the class it’s time to start wrapping up. Everyone is cleaning their instruments by wiping them down and removing the saliva from their instruments. Seon on the other chose not to. He quickly packed his trumpet in its trumpet case and stored it on the shelve instrument closet.

The weekend is over and Monday morning class is in session. As Seon and the rest of us approach the music room, we could see that Mr. Bloomfield was pacing back and forth in anger. He was upset because there was a long, line ant trail leading to the instrument closet and he wanted to know who was bringing food into the band room. Everyone said not me, even Seon. As we walked in the instrument closet, you could see this long line of ants going and coming from Seon’s trumpet case. Seon returned to his seat and opened the case and behold there were hundreds of ants coming out of Seon’s trumpet. He looked around, he smiled, and then he began to play his trumpet with the ants coming out of both ends. Once again he looked at us with a smile and said that was tastee.

One of a thousand stories about Seon!

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