I Did It My Way

What’s the problem with Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton celebrating? The problem is that he is a black quarterback and no one thought that he would have such fast success in the NFL. Two seasons ago he was labeled as not a team player, accused him of having a bad attitude because he covered his head with a towel while sitting on the bench. Cam understands that he must play his type of game and the way he plays the game gets his teammates involved and creates a winning environment. What the media and critics are P.O. about is that he is a complete quarterback. His style of play creates fear in some folks because this is the new black prototype quarterback that’s coming out of college into the NFL. RG3 and Colin Kaepernick conformed to the system and when their performance dropped off as trying to be a pocket quarterback they were removed from their starting quarterback position.  Let’s not forget Russell Wilson and Jaimeis Winston. When Russell Wilson was selected in the NFL 2012 Draft some former coaches and analyst made comments about Wilson’s height as if he wouldn’t have any success as a NFL quarterback. It’s strange, now that he has become an Elite quarterback, his style of play is now being associated with Minnesota Vikings Hall of Fame Quarterback Fran Tarkenton. Let’s not forget Jaime Winston. I can recall when Winston was selected number 1 in the 2015 NFL Draft, Coach Gruden appeared angry displaying his Chucky expression. It was obvious that he was disappointed that Quarterback Marcus Mariotis was not selected as the NFL  number 1 over all pick. Most of the viewers did not take notice of Coach Gruden’s reaction. However, there was someone who did. After displaying his facial disappointment, he received a text on his cell phone; he could be seen looking down in his hand reading the text. Once he completed reading the text he regained his composer. Coach Gruden’s expression surprised me  because during his quarterback interviews and chalk board play sessions, he rank Winston with the highest grade among college quarterbacks entering the NFL. It didn’t stop there with Winston. Winston’s character was being attack for allegations of rape in which he was acquitted. The assault continued on his character. During his last year of playing collegiate baseball for FSU there was a fight that broke out with a FSU batter running to first base after hitting the ball. While running to the base the opposing player covering first base decided to obstruct the runner which ended up in a little collision. A scuffle took place between the two opposing players. Both teams cleared their benches to support their teammate. Winston also ran behind his teammates to show his support. However, he was labeled as being involved in a scuffle and as if he started the fight. If you had seen the footage of the incident, Winston could be seen standing in the back of his teammates far away from the scuffle. But it’s Winston, put the blame on him. Winston defied the haters and went on to contend for the 2015 rookie of the year and was selected to the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl. I can go on with the double standards that’s taking place in the NFL.It would be great if Cam could celebrate like Brett Farve, Aron Rogers, Tom Brady and Johnny Manziel with out being criticize.

For you brothers who are entering the NFL as a quarterback prepare yourself to be mentally challenge. You are embarking on a position that has always been dominated by white quarterbacks. This position requires that you become the leader of the team and the face of the franchise. Prepare yourself to be great. Always remember to be yourself and the rest will take care of its self.

Worrell C. Troup

Sports Elite Mag

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