Daija 3-D Carr, “All Around Basketball Player”

Good Morning Daija, so what brings you to Miami?

Good morning, I am here for a couple of reasons; one, my sister’s wedding is on Monday—so that’s my main reason, two, I am here to visit some colleges and three, I am on vacation.

Must be nice!

Doesn’t  happen too often!

Your Uncle Danny Dye told me about you. He said that you were an outstanding basketball player and he suggested that I should interview you. So here we are.

What grade are you in?

I am in the 11th grade.

What school are you attending?

Columbia High School in Decatur Georgia.

Who introduced you to the game of basketball and how old were you at that time.

I believe it was my Dad; a long time ago. So I am going to leave it there. I was 8 years old.

Your older brother Daunte is here sitting in on this interview along with your parents. So, did your  brother  have  any involvement in your basketball development; (family starts to laugh)! 

No, he was all football.

What position do you play?

I’m a combo guard 1 and 2. Also a shooting guard and point guard.

How tall are you?

I’m 5’ 8”

Do you have a love for the game and if so, describe how it makes you feel when you are out there on the court.

Basketball is like breathing for me! It’s everything that I do, and when I’m on the court it’s just natural. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s like I’m at home.

What is your game style? Are you an aggressive player or an all around player?

I’m, all around aggressive. Yes, defensively I’m a pest. I’m right underneath you. You can not get around me and then offensively, I will attack the basket, or if you leave me open, I will shoot it, lights out!

So, are you able to bring the ball down court at times?


How is your 3-point range?

I’m excellent, I don’t need to be right at the 3 point line. I can still shoot it a couple of feet away.

I notice you go by the name Daija 3D. What does that mean?

Deep Ball “3’s” , Drain 3 Points, Shoots 3 feet behind 3 point line.                                                                      

And the post as well?

I don’t know (and laughs) I’m kind of vertically challenged. I’ve been blocked a couple of times.

What was it like playing in the Final Four basketball tournament?

Walking in the gym, it was just a dream, the lights and the court was elevated and the spot light was shinning on the floor. Then we walked out and the crowd was cheering. They were screaming our names and we had not started warming up yet. Then our opponent came out and you couldn’t help but to be nervous and when the game started, everything just kind of evaporated and we just got into the flow of the game.

Who took the final shot in the last seconds of the game?

It got down to the wire with the last couple of seconds and I couldn’t think of anything else but that the ball needed to be in my hands; so, I put up the last shot and it did not fall unfortunately. 

But you took the shot. That’s the mark of a true leader.

Yes, I did, I took the shot.

Are you one of the leaders of the team?

I am, um, I’m the leader on and off the court. Mainly in the classroom and then both on the court to bring energy, hustle and effort to practices and games.

What kind of grades are you making?

I have a 3.83 GPA and all A’s. I don’t think that my parents will accept anything less (parents laugh).

So, as a teammate, what kind of camaraderie do you guys have?

We are like a family. We are very close, we just don’t live together, but it feels like we do. We text all the time, on the phone all the time, we have classes together and lunch together. We probably spend about eight hours a day together.

Before you attended high school, where were you playing basketball as far as AAU and Travel Basketball.

In middle school I was with FDC underneath Coach Moe. Then, in high school I transitioned over to the Celtics underneath Coach Renardo “Nard” Hudson.

Were there any other sports that you played?

I tried softball when I was younger (family laughs). That was it, softball.

Any volleyball?

I thought about it this year. I might, I’m still considering it, because it will help me with my vertical.

I read in your Tweet that during Spring Break you were in Miami visiting FIU, talk about that.

I love the school, the campus, the coaches and the players’ work ethic; while I was there,  I got to see them work out. They were all very serious and they took  practice seriously. They were really determined to get better. I know that they didn’t have that good of a season last year, but they all looked prepared to change that and I can respect that. As for visiting the school, the campus is pretty big. I really liked it. They took me on  a whole tour. However, they took a long time to show me the dining hall (Family laughs) but the food looked good. But you know, I really liked the campus and the coaches they were very nice and they answered all of my questions. They seemed really eager for me to consider their school.

What colleges are showing an interest in you?

FIU, FAU, Tennessee Chattanooga, Georgia State, UGA, Western Kentucky and a few others.

You are on the map.

What would be your ideal school to attend?

Anyone that will give me a full ride.

Who is your biggest fan?

They’re all in competition. I wouldn’t know. I’m afraid to say who (everyone laughs), it might hurt the other ones feelings. But I do know that my Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister are all in my corner.

When you’ve completed your high school basketball career,  what would you like to be remembered for?

Hopefully, a State Championship. But I want them to know that I was a very good leader, aggressive and a hard working player.

Daija 3-D, thank you for sharing your basketball journey with Sports Elite. May you have a great 2019-2020 season. Keep in touch so that we can continue to follow your basketball career.

By Worrell C. Troup

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