IMG_1449What was once taboo in America and  could cause black men to be killed for looking at white women. Today Black male athletes on a larger scale can be seen dating and marrying White women. Black athletes are now a hot commodity to some white women. Could it be because there is an opportunity to strike it rich, the mandingo physique, the coolness, since of humor, curiosity, black silky skin, intelligence, love making or love at first sight. For whatever reasons, the black male athlete has become the prey not only to white women but to women of the world.
Who is responsible for this merger? Could it be the Pee Wee Football Coach that took the black athletic talent out of the hood to make his team better? Could it be the black parent who put their son in a white program for structure and perks? Could it be the white team mate who invited his black team mate to spin the night at his home before game day? Could it be the white cheerleader who cheers for the team? Could it be the school Pep Rally that displays the athletes on stage? Could it be the local newspaper that followed their athletic careers? Could it be the college recruiter who visited black athletes at their homes and provided scholarships to Southern Universities? Could it be the University of Alabama Head Football Coach Paul Bear Bryant who organize a football game with USC Head Football Coach John McKay in hope of letting the south see how black talented athletes could help and improve their football program? Could it be Branch Rickey, who signed baseball great, Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers? Could it be Jim Brown and Rachael Welch Hollywood love scene? Could it be NFL TOTAL ACCESS who surrounds Host Amber Theoharis with former NFL GREATS Jaimie Dukes, Warren Sapp and Darren Sharper?
Could it be Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech which spoke about little black boys and girls playing with white boys and girls? Or could it be when Dr. King said don’t judge me by the color of my skin but by the content of my character. Black athletes will continue to thrive in sports and be attractive to women of the world. For whatever reason, black athletes have arrived; there is a new sex symbol and commodity out there on the market.
To the brothers that have found love outside of their race, there is nothing wrong with that; love has no color. What I would like to see that you guys don’t forget where you came from. Give back to your childhood neighborhoods, schools, community centers and churches. Because it was this environment that provided you with your first love in sports and accepted you as you are.

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