I find it mind bottling how Republicans could support Governor Romney someone who is not for the people but for the corporations. Someone who continues to flip flop. Someone who refuses to show his tax filings and hides his finances in off shore accounts. Here you have a candidate that has outsourced American jobs to other countries and says that he can be a good President because of his business experience with Bain Capital. While he served as the Governor of Massachusetts he established the same Health Care Bill that he is now opposing, calling it Obama Care. Should not it be called Romney/Obama Care and be proud that he was responsible for providing health care for millions of Americans that would have been without health care. Wake up people; be careful of what you ask for.

I have set back and observed the changes taking place in America since Barrack Obama became President. There seems to be more racial division oppose to unity. Here you have someone that came behind a President and an administration that lied to the American people about Weapons of Mass Destruction and destroyed a 9 billion dollar surplus that Former President Bill Clinton left behind for Former President George Bush. Yet Republicans and some conservative Democrats seemed to have forgotten who got us in this mess.  The excuse that I hear is that the President is not creating enough jobs. I find it hypocritical that under Bush administration, Mr. Bush had one of weakest job growth records among Formal Presidents. I find it unpatriotic for Congress to block job programs that are usually supported by Republicans. Who do you think is slowing down the job growth? What’s up with that?

Here is the real kicker, block the vote which is targeted towards the black vote. I t’s amazing how people play the race card to create a diversion. While you are focusing on setting up obstacles for blacks and people of color Republican supporters are being mislead by their representatives. You guys do not understand what’s taking place or either you have just that much hate not to care. What you fell to realize that your party does not care about you or your family. I guess you all have forgotten War on Wall Street. Who and what race was affected the most. Who were loosing their jobs? What I witnessed a higher percentage of Whites college students not able to find work, a larger percentage of White corporate workers loosing their jobs and even White Wall Street employees. I am not saying that Blacks and people of color are not affected we are affected by the economy. What I am saying to you are you better off than you were four years ago. What do you think would have happened if the stimulus was not administered? Would the auto industry still be around? Be careful of what you ask for.

Romney and Ryan can’t be trusted. They both are flip flopper’s. Romney says he knows how to create jobs and that makes him a presidential candidate asks the former employees of Bain Capital. His running mate, Ryan claims to be a budget hawk. However, he supported the War of Mass Destruction which contributed to our deficit; he also accepted stimulus money for his district and is now against it. This reminds me of those leaders that are anti-abortionist but secretly have their daughters aboard the babies when they become pregnant.  Be careful of what you ask for.

Republicans take a good look at your candidates voting record while they were in congress. See what they stand for and do they truly have your best interest or are they just the same typical politician. One who speaks with many tongues? Not only Republicans, this also applies to Democrats and Independents. Be careful of what you ask for.

This reminds me in the biblical days, the Jews were under God’s Law however, they were not satisfied and they wanted a king. It was said that this king would take their property, children, incorporate heavy taxation, make work more difficult and assign them a number. They were informed and still chose to have a king. So God gave them King Saul. The rest is history. Read the story.

President Barrack has presented his vision for the future of America. Will you give him an additional four years to complete the job or will you chose to venture into uncharted waters?

Will America be better or will we return to the trickle down affect. Only time will tell.

Actions speak louder than words.


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