An Urgent Message From Commissioner Dennis C. Moss

Dear Neighbor,

I am writing this personal letter to inform you of a very important issue in our community.  You may have read in the newspaper or heard on TV about the efforts of  Norman Braman to remove three African American Commissioners from office.  Mr. Braman has  decided that he wants to control county government and is seeking to do this by placing people in office  he can control.  Braman is demanding that there be a Retroactive Term Limits,  which would mean that I would have to resign from office immediately.  He is also demanding that we have Countywide Commissioner Seats,  which would reduce African American representation on the county commission.

I am proud as the county commissioner I have dedicated myself into addressing the needs and concerns of the people I represent.  I am concerned that a rich businessman who has done nothing for our community dares to think that he can tell people who they have to vote for.  We cannot allow him to control our community or control this election.  This election is bigger than me,  or any other commissioner.  This is about protecting our rights to elect those who will represent us,  and not those who are chosen by someone else.  Norman Braman is disrespecting the sacred vote of the people by using his money to try to get rid of all three African American commissioners and hijack democracy.

In the common weeks you will see negative commercials and advertising attacking me and my colleagues who are up for re-election,  so don’t be surprised.  Those commercials,  phone calls and ads will be paid for by  Mr. Braman through organizations he is funding.  I trust that you and others in my district are too smart and too wise to fall for this.  After all Braman did not help me bring Jackson South to South Dade;  he did not bring the promised South Dade Cultural Arts Center to our community last year;  he did not help me create the new parks or new libraries in the district ;  he did not help me build and expand the bus-way to Florida City;  or provide help to 380 small businesses in our area.  He is an arrogant billionaire who lives on an island on Miami Beach,  who has done nothing for our district.  Mr. Braman needs to understand that DISTRICT NINE IS NOT FOR SALE.  Our history teaches us that others often feel that we have no loyalty or commitment, and that they can use  their money to divide us.  The future of our families,  our children and our communities is at stake.

I need your help to spread the word and let others know what this election is really about.  Please vote on August 14 or during the early voting process.  You may also request the opportunity to vote by mail.  Regardless of the model you choose,  I am asking for your vote in this very important election.  The next generation is counting on  you and so am I.


Dennis C. Moss

County Commissioner,  District  9

This information was provided by the office of Dennis C. Moss Campaign in a letter that was address to a family in District  9.

Information is powerful;  How you decide to use it is up to you.


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