While visiting my mother for Mother’s Day, my childhood friend Billy Role stopped by to visit with us.  As we started to talk, Seon’s name came up and we started talking about some of Seon’s humorous incidents.

If you have been following the articles on Seon, you will recall that I said that he was a good athlete and he was someone that really exceled in sports.

Billy spoke about the time when Seon was playing Pop Warner Football for Coral Reef Park 145lb team.

The story went something like this. Seon’s team was playing in a championship game. His position was corner back. During this series their defense forced the opposing team to punt the football. Prior to the team punting the ball Seon told his cousin, Zackery Role(Bubba), who was the team defensive captain, that he wanted to return the punt. Bubba thought that this was unusual because Seon was known for playing the game scary. Bubba being mischievous as usual told all of the team mates not to block for him.

Seconds before the punt took place he and the regular punt returner could be seen pushing and shoving each other about who was going to return the punt. As the football was punted, it sailed over his head; the team mates yelled to him to back off. However, he was determined to retrieve the football from the 1 yard line. As Bubba earlier informed the team mates not to block for Seon . Without their assistance, he could be seen running all over the field for his life. Bubba said that he didn’t know how Seon survived without the team not blocking for him. However, with his luck, he returned the punt for a touchdown.   I am not sure of how many yards the touchdown covered, but when Bubba tells the story it was said to have covered 300 yards simply because he was so terrified that he  ran all over the field dodging opponents and causing them to tire from trying to tackle him.

Bubba, also said, as Seon was running for his life, his team mates stood in amazement and laughter with their hands on their sides as he was dipping and dodging his way to a touchdown. They could not believe what they had just witness. They did go on to win the championship football game and today old team mates are still reminiscing of how Seon scored without their help.

No one could believe what took place. However, if anyone could go against the odds and turn a negative into his advantage it would be Seon.

Billy /Zackary Rolle, thanks for sharing.

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