Joshua Jobe AKA Woogie

DSC_0633At an early age of playing Pop Warner Football, Woogie posed  a special gift  of being an elite athlete. There was not a position that he could not play. At the running back position Woogie was a threat from running the ball between the tackles or around the out side. His speed and football knowledge gave him a huge advantage over his competitors.

During the football season Woogie would average 3 touch downs a game. Some touch downs could go for an 80 yard run or catch and run.  To be so young he has the attitude that no one could stop him. In goal line situations he has the power to run through his opponent and score a touch down. Just when the opponent thought that Woogie was finish he would show up on kick and punt returns. As teams learned about Woogie return skills, coaches decided not to kick or punt the football to him. For those that did chose to kick to Woogie they would soon realize that they made a BIG MISTAKE as he could be seen returning the kick return for a touch down. This kid plays with no fear.

On defense, you could plug him in any position from the defensive line to line backer. However, when he plays free safety he played the position like The Great Sean Taylor. He played from side line to side line allowing no one to get behind him and no one to run the football past the line backers. For those that did Woogie would be there to lower  The Boom!

If his father Reginald Donaldson says so, his son Woogie is a lock down, shut down corner back. He often says that boy is a machine”. The Corner Back position came very easy to Woogie. He enjoys playing man to man coverage. Most of all, he loves the physical contact. With his strength, he is able to shut down any runs to his side of the football field. He is able to do this by getting ride of the on coming blocker and wiping out the ball carrier. His cover skills allows him to jam his opponent at the line of scrimmage and sometimes not allowing them to get into their route. For those that do manage to get by him. With his speed, Woogie is able to recover quickly and get into position for an interception or  to knock the football down from his opponent.    

Early in his Pop Warner playing days Woogie had made a name for himself. After each game Coaches would seek him out to shake his hand and to tell him that he is an out standing athlete. In some cases they would try to recruit him to play for their next year football team.

Over the course of Woogie’s Pop Warner Football Journey, he has played for 4 different inner-city football teams. Most parents would not agree with this practice. However, his father knew that in order for his son to be the best he had to play against the best. What you have here  is the end results of that process.DSC_0578_2

Prior to Woogie obtaining Pop Warner Football success, during the off season his father Reginald kept him active in track and field. Even as a 15 year old participant, Woogie competed against some of the best elite athletes in track and field. He  displayed great speed and talent. In Track and Field he also made a name for himself.  Here are some of his results, Triple Jump 40’, Long Jump 22’, 200 meters 22.5 sec, 400meters 49sec, 800 meters 2:02 minutes. How could this be?

Woogie has an Elite Athletic Blood Line running through his veins. His mother Mary was an All-Dade High School Track/Field, Basketball and Softball star. She was an Elite Athlete. From this blood line, Woogie’s 9 other siblings also displays this Athletic Elite Trait.

Throughout Woogie’s Pop Warner carrier he has brought a lot of attention and excitement to his team. Rather it was his You Tube, eighty yard touch down run from the line of scrimmage or his game winning pick six. His team mates knew with Woogie on their team they always had the opportunity to win. Woogie was a true leader and a team player. He will be missed in the Pop Warner Football League. However, like many other great athletes this is the start of his high school football journey. He has gained many fans and supporters. As a fan, I am eager to see his transition from Pop Warner to high school football. Remember the name Woogie. This kid has the “IT Factor”. For those that are fans of Woogie I will provide you with an update of his first year high school performance while playing varsity football for Columbus Explores.

As a freshman, Woogie played varsity football. However, he did not start do to playing behind a senior. Although, when he did play fans could see that Woogie was a much better skill player than the senior who played in front of him. During their 2014 season, Columbus football team had an out of state game in which their opponent had not lost a game in 7 years. In the final quarter of the game the opponent  was leading Columbus 31 to 27 and having a pre-victory celebration.  Little did they know that Columbus had the”It Factor” on the kick return team. As the opponent kicked the football to Woogie he caught the ball  on the 5 yard line and with his speed and elite skills he returned the football back for a 95 yard touch. The opponent was stun and their undefeated record was crushed. They all wondered who was that guy and it was said, that was the Woogie Man.

Columbus did go on to have a successful season. They were able to win their district but lost in the State Championship Game. As for Woogie, he will be returning as an experience sophomore player and has a great opportunity to become one of the best High School Elite Athletes to come out of Florida.  Get Your Popcorn Ready.

Worrell C. Troup

Sports Elite Mag

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