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What It takes To Be A Man

Honor God

Be Responsible

Lead Your Family

Father Figure

Be In Place

Stay With Your Family

Be A Provider

Man Must Work For Man To Eat

Honor Your Parents That Your Days May Be Long

Do Not Provoke Your Children

Lead By Example

Be A Pure Man Of God

Be Tough

Be Strong

Be Compassionate

Be Wise

Be Intelligent

Be Smart

Men Don’t Hit Women, Boys Don’t Hit Girls

Honor Your Wife

Respect All Women

Fathers Teach Your Boys To Respect Girls

Be A Role Model For Your Daughters

Be A Role Model For Your Sons

Let Them See You Love Their Mother

Let them See You Respect Their Mother

Tell Your Daughter That She Is Beautiful

Tell Your Son That He Is Handsome

Be A Man Of  Your Word

Love and Protect

Be Willing To Die For Your Family

Man Of God

Tell Your Son That You Love Him

Deal In Truth

Fathers Teach Your Boys How to Become Men   

 By Worrell Troup

Sports Elite