The Journey Continues for Joshua Jobe

The Journey Continues for Joshua Jobe

Joshua Jobe, a rising stellar athlete will be taking a unique route in pursuit of his football dreams. The senior has transferred to Cheshire Academy for the fall season.

Joshua, you have appeared in the Miami Herald News Paper since you were a freshman attending Columbus High School. On some occasions you were called Woogie. How did you  get that nick name?

Yes, I am called Woggie by my Dad and my neighborhood friends. My Dad use to tickle me when I was a baby and would say Woogie, Woogie, Woogie, which made me laugh.  IMG_2283

Who are your parents?

My parents are Reginald Donaldson and Mary Jobe.

Do you have any siblings, are they as athletically gifted as you are?

Yes, I have a brother named Johnny Holton who plays professional football for the Oakland Raiders, another brother plays professional basketball over seas, another brother plays college basketball and two younger sisters  that run track for Miami Northwestern High School. In all, I have 10 siblings and they are all very athletic.

What was it like to play in your very last football game for Columbus High School?

It felt good in playing in my last game and a little bit sad because I was leaving the brotherhood. But in all, I had a good final game that I could be proud of. I left everything on the field.

You are very talented, what other positions have you played?

I have played on kick return and punt return. At these 2 positions I have scored 4 touch downs. During the play offs I got the opportunity to play running back in which I was pretty affective. My current position is DB and this season I had 2 interceptions.

What school will you be attending in August of 2017 in which you will be given the opportunity to play football in your senior year? Why is it important for you to play your senior year when you have accomplished so much as a junior. 

I will be attending Cheshire Academy in Connecticut, where I will play out my high school senior year. It’s important for me to play my last year because it helps keep me focus and if I stayed here in Miami it could be different.  

You have had a great high school football career. You have received national recognition as a highly recruited DB. How have you’ve been able to handle all of the attention that comes along with it?

My dad plays a big part in that. He guides me and keeps me grounded. He tells it like it is. He shows me tough love and reminds me to stay humble. I know that I must keep myself in a positive environment.

What was it like traveling through out the summer to different college campuses  competing in  7 on 7 football competitions?

Visiting other colleges was great. It gave me a lot of exposure to other colleges. I got the opportunity to meet good coaches that were once professional football players and now they are sharing their knowledge with me.

How did you measure up competing on the 7 on 7 high school elite level?

I held my own, I was able to compete and contribute. I got a couple of interceptions and pass break ups.

What are some of the schools that are showing an interest in you?

University of Alabama, University of Miami, University of Florida, and Michigan University.

Were you able to meet any of the coaches?

Yes, I met Coach Sabin, he is all in with me . He wants me to play for Alabama. He told me that he has a good athletic system at the University of Alabama.

What about UM?19488870_1349579775138351_4429910689469999518_o

Oh, they treat me very well. I am really close to home. They have a new coaching staff  and they’re really on me.They treat me like they care.

What was it like to meet Odell Beckham Jr.?

I felt special when I met Odell Beckham. He is a good leader. He is at the top of his career. I talked to him and I want to follow in his foot steps.I wanted  to know how he got to the next level. It felt very good talking to him.

Woogie, is that’s the reason why the top of your hair is red?

Yes, you can say that. He made a good impression on me.

Who were some of the people that played an important role in your life?

I have a lot of mentors that played an important role. When I was attending Ponce De Leon Middle School, I met two wonderful people Levie Parker and Nora. They guided me since I was in middle school to high school. They also took me shopping for clothes for the up coming school year.

What do you do to have fun?

I just play football.  I like practicing my craft.

So, no outside interest, no Game Works or no Play Station.

I am to old for Play Station games.

What advice can you give to the young athletes that look up to you?

Stay in school, stay humble and stay out of trouble.

Sports Elite wishes you the best of luck in your final  season of your high school football career and we look forward in seeing you continue your pursuit on the collegiate level.


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